Embracing the Light and Dark within us all

Trust me when I say that this is not easy for me, those that know me know that it is hard to ask for help. I am truly humbled that my dear friends have put this together and let me know that I am worth it and that the studio touched many lives.
It's true my future is very much up in the air, my injuries from my car accident are bogged down due to insurance snags, my breathing issues are being addressed, soon I will be getting a 3+ hour surgery that will help but it comes with a 3-4 week recuperation time.
Spread the Word, Share the Love!
Thanks everyone!


This is the end my friend... Join us for last last bash Studio Bongiorno style! We will be holding a funeral party, potluck, live music and then close with The Final Chapter of The Burning Tale. Hosted by Mighty Mike McGee. Saturday, May 20th.

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