Embracing the Light and Dark within us all


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Book Signings ​Sam Cutler and Joel Selvin 2015

Here are a few photos of the various things we do here at the Studio. We are always looking to hold something new, exciting and cutting edge. Contact us for your personal or professional event. 

​Just A Taste

About The Studio

Phil Bongiorno had a dream, a desire to not only showcase his work but to create a hub for the local art scene.  How fitting is it that dream became a reality in the historic building that once was The California Monument Company, located right across the street from Mission Cemetery in old Santa Clara. 

By art he means ALL the arts, from poetry to painting, mixed media to music and so much more.  Every little twist and turn at Studio-Bongiorno is an adventure, delighting the senses with smells of coffees and teas, incense and soap, as music and wind chimes fill the air to the sights of various art that grace the studio.  As Phil sees it, "we are the mall-ternative" A place to escape the daily grind, treat yourself right or to get that one of a kind item in a place unlike anything you will find in South Bay.

You owe it to yourself to take a break, enjoy the journey, visit Studio-Bongiorno and support the arts. Visit us, You'll never know who you will run into! We are also available for your public and private events, contact us for details.